Build a direct relationship with your customers


Using WhatsApp Business as a sales and communication channel with your customers is the winning weapon for increasing sales.

In fact, WhatsApp Business is the most used messaging app in the world and overcomes every kind of technology or age barrier. Furthermore, communicating directly on WhatsApp Business with your customers is the best way to create a relationship and retain your customers.

Selling in chat is a much more personal and powerful method of contact than the usual email as it allows you to communicate in real time and easily share images and videos. It is very simple to use, especially for people which are less tech friendly. Furthermore, it takes advantage of the fact that everyone already has the app downloaded on their phone.

As for the shopping experience part, customers who purchase from a store via WhatsApp Business can ask questions directly in chat. This allows you to have a closer relationship with the customer, give him advice during the purchase or sell optional services (the so-called up-selling). All of this is not possible with a traditional e-commerce, which gives a flat and cold shopping experience.

Shoplee is an e-commerce integrated with WhatsApp and with the main social and messaging platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. In fact, the new trend in the world of e-commerce and online purchases is no longer trying to bring the customer to new platforms (such as proprietary websites or proprietary apps) but to increase their interaction with social channels where users spend already many hours per day.

For example, it is much easier to attract new customers or showcase a new product via your Instagram feed or Facebook page – where customers already follow you – than to drive traffic to your website. In this perspective, the purchase step has been transformed into a process that must be fast, simple and effective.

Shoplee is the best solution to achieve this, as it allows you to share the link to your e-commerce directly in the WhatsApp Business chat and directly show your product catalog to your customers. In a few simple steps they will be able to buy and receive a confirmation or notifications about the status of their order directly in their WhatsApp chat.


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