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Do you have an online store and managing your product catalog independently is a problem? You’re not the only one!

In fact, how many times did you receive new products but had to wait weeks to update your online catalog, having to ask the technician who developed the website’s help? Or how many times did you want to upload new images of your products but were unable to do it yourself?

Don’t worry, with Shoplee this is not a problem anymore!

In fact, Shoplee is a chat-based e-commerce that allows you to increase the interaction with your customers and therefore to build more loyalty.

Shoplee is the ideal solution for shops, restaurants and retail businesses that want to combine the traditional sales channel (the classic in-store sales) with a digital and innovative sales channel that allows them to reach new customers.

In fact, in our day to day life, it becomes increasingly difficult to go directly to the store (and not only due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, which often lead us to have to queue outside the shops just to be able to enter and ask for information, but also for traffic or the difficulty of finding a parking slot).

If before the digital era the first real interaction with the customer was taking place inside the store, now it happens digitally. However, this does not mean that to acquire a customer it is enough to create an e-commerce and invest in marketing activities to acquire new customers. Just as in the world of physical stores it is not enough to set up a beautiful shopping window to increase sales, so in the digital world, marketing is not enough to convert more customers. A beautiful shopping window or a very attractive shop sign helps the customer to enter the store. Likewise, a targeted marketing campaign, with videos and photos of the product, helps the customer to visit the website.

However, a part that is fundamental in the purchase process is missing (and which is a key point of the so-called sales funnel, which is the path that the customer takes from the first interaction to completing the purchase), that is the part of interaction with the customer.

The real value added is the relationship that is established with the customer, like being able to explain your product to him, talk to him about the advantages (and why not, also about some disadvantages, just to be sure that the product is suitable for the customer’s use) and incentivize him to buy.

With Shoplee’s chat-based e-commerce on WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger, you are able to combine all the advantages of a digital shopping experience with personalization and digital interaction via chat. By doing this, you are able to convert more customers and create a relationship of trust that will lead the customer to buy from you more frequently in the future.


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