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Ordering in chat is very convenient!

How many times did you have to call but the line was busy? Or you were busy and couldn’t call and then you forgot.

Let’s take the world of food ordering for example. How convenient it is to order pizza directly in chat, with the simplicity of a message and without having to call the pizzeria several times, running the risk of wrong orders or misunderstandings on timetables. Or, how convenient it is to view the menu and be able to order directly, without having to go through pdf files or without having to register for apps or online platforms.

With Shoplee, you can accept orders directly in chat, offering your customers a quick and easy system to use. This allows you to sell more, as you can give your customers greater visibility of the catalog, which you can update yourself. For example, you can offer the customer dishes based on seasonal ingredients or dishes that you keep on the menu for only a few days. Without a digital system like ordering on WhatsApp, you struggle to reach your customers with your news. For example, those who order by phone will not be able to know that you have added seasonal dishes, and therefore will continue to order the usual products.

By doing this digitally, you are also able to acquire your customer’s data and interests, so you can stay in touch even after the purchase.

In fact, with Shoplee you can easily and intuitively access reports on customer purchases, so as to understand the frequency of purchase and the preferred products for the customer, thus having the possibility to increase engagement with personalized promotions and discounts based on needs and the type of customer you want to convert.

The convenience of having a digital system is not only to increase sales, but also to save the time of the seller.

In fact, by interacting with customers via chat, you will no longer have missed calls or hours spent on the phone always answering the usual questions (and time, we know, is money).

In fact, with Shoplee, all orders are channeled into a single platform that the merchant can use from web devices or smartphones.

In this way, receiving orders will be instant. Receive a notification when the order is placed and with a simple click you can accept it. Furthermore, you can always communicate the status of your orders or any changes directly through the chat of WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger, giving your customers real-time updates on their purchases.


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