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How many times have you failed to answer a call, or have you had to answer a customer email after several hours or even days?

If you try to see things from the customer’s point of view, you will notice that there are several actions the customer can take as long as they await your response. For example, he can search for another store that provides the same service, or he can abandon the search.

Some examples such as these immediately make it clear that response time is a fundamental parameter in order not to miss out on many potential customers or to increase interaction with current customers.

All of this can be done easily with Shoplee. In fact, in this phase of transition to digital, physical stores must have the necessary tools to provide an immediate digital experience to as many customers as possible.

The easiest and most intuitive way is to do all this via text, both on WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger. In fact, now all customers, regardless of age or familiarity with the cell phone, are able to send a message.

The management of customer inquiries via WhatsApp message is made easy and intuitive with Shoplee.

We offer two services, based on the needs of your store and the volume of inquiries and contacts you receive.

If you are a small and medium-sized company, and you want to manage your conversations in total autonomy, then Shoplee can help you in the sales and presentation of your services. For example, you can autonomously manage the part of answering customer questions, or notifying new products, while Shoplee will help you give visibility to your new products in a quick and accessible way to everyone or manage the booking of appointments.

In addition, it will help you collect data related to interactions with your customers.

If, on the other hand, you are a company with large volumes of contact, Shoplee helps you in the creation of a personalized chatbot, integrated with e-commerce or booking systems directly in chat. Furthermore, we use our artificial intelligence algorithms to create a system of personalized and real-time answers that will help your customers to satisfy all their requests, their doubts and their perplexities.

The answers are in real time, offering a unique shopping experience. In fact, what could be better than having an immediate answer to all your doubts? Furthermore, having a response in real time stimulates the customer to ask more questions, and is therefore very useful for you to understand your customers’ needs, their interests or their requests.

This last point allows you to acquire the most precious data with respect to your customer, that is his pure and free interest, without being influenced by external or induced factors.


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